FAQs about golf green maintenance

www.complete-putting-greens.com was created to provide solid advice on golf green maintenance and construction to die hard golfers who want anything from a putting green to a complete golf course in their backyard. I am a past golf course superintendent , and in my present function in the industry I see a lot of very successful private greens. The one thing I have noticed is that instead of providing information, most superintendents will recommend against it.

The response since I began the website in the spring of 2007 has been huge, and I have received a lot of good questions on everything from golf green maintenance through construction asking about soils, location, seeding, even hole changing. Now as the site is viewed more and more, I felt it is time to post the answers to some of the more common or pertinent questions.

Here is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page with answers for those questions you had but were afraid to ask. It also provides some interesting insights into more detail about certain aspects of putting green maintenance. This site is not a university textbook on turfgrass maintenance or golf course management (if that’s what you want, I can recommend some good books and where to find them), so I don’t go into great amounts of detail of every aspect of the business. For most people the additional information is not important and what I want to get across is that growing a green does not need to be rocket science to be successful; but if you are looking for more in-depth information look through the FAQ below. If you don’t find what you were looking for here, or on the website, you can always contact me and I will be glad to answer your questions.


When is the best time to seed my green?

Can I use reclaimed sod for starting my green?

Can greens be maintained without fertilizer?

Have any questions about golf green maintenance or construction not listed here? Why not ask me?

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