Are backyard golf greens possible?

I have been maintaining golf greens for 23 years with 7 as a golf course superintendent, presently working as a golf course superintendent in Alberta, Canada. I have also consulted for people who have built putting greens in their backyards and realized that with the right knowledge and equipment it does not have to be out of reach of the average person. This site should help to guide you in making the right important decisions to explore this possibility.

Sunrise on the backyard putting green

The most important consideration is whether your site is suitable and will provide the turf with the necessary conditions for healthy growth. These include good full sun, air movement, well drained and a water source able to adequately irrigate the grass. Another issue is whether you have the time required to maintain it or the money to hire a qualified person for this task. If any of the above questions is negative, there is still a solution in artificial turf golf greens.

Some golfers are fortunate to have enough space to build a whole green complex with bunkers or maybe even a complete hole with a tee deck and fairway. All of those dreams are explored in this site, including where to find the necessary accessories such as cups and flags, bunker rakes or proper mowers.

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Building a putting green - The nuts and bolts
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Golf course management or how to keep the turf green!
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Turf maintenance and management equipment; the essentials
How to decide what essential turf maintenance and management equipment you will need to maintain your own putting green or golf hole.
Which irrigation systems are right for your green?
This section deals with the most important aspect of your backyard putting green; looking at irrigation systems and how to properly water your green!
The golf course drainage products you need for your backyard course
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Artificial putting green, your guide to choosing one
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All the golf supplies you need for your putting green and where to get it
To truly enjoy the experience of having your own putting green you need golf supplies such as pins, flags and ball washers. This is the page that will describe the differences between them.
Techniques in golf course construction: important points and tips
A guide to the accepted different methods of building your green from push-up style to full USGA specs and an overview of the techniques used in golf course construction.
My background and the home golf green concept
This page describes my background in the golf course maintenance industry and why I can be an excellent resource in establishing your home golf green.
Golf Green Maintenance - FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
This page reprints FAQ about golf green maintenance and construction. For more detailed information about many topics look through theses pages.
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